Video: Setting a Goal with a First Grade Team

As You Watch:

The coach and team of teachers are working on setting/framing the goal for their coaching cycle. This video illustrates that the process can be more challenging when working with a larger team. Here the coach continually reframes the coaching cycle as being something that is focused on their students and the standards.

Please keep our video norms in mind as you watch videos throughout the course.

  1. We use videos for a variety of purposes. While you may have seen a video before, the viewing prompt is especially important as we connect videos to the content that is being addressed.
  2. Videos aren’t meant to be perfect exemplars of coaching. They are simply examples of coaching in action.
  3. Watch the videos with an open mind and assume positive intent.
  4. You will be missing context as you watch the videos. Understand that the coaches are making decisions based on their current situation. Judging their actions without context isn’t helpful. We also want to be kind to the teachers who agreed to be filmed.