Post: Coaching Journal Entry

Respond to the Session 1 prompt in your coaching journal.

Session 1: Create 5-6 belief statements that sum up your thoughts about coaching.

Success Criteria for this Journal Entry:

  • I can explain why I became (or would like to become) a coach.
  • I can be clear about what motivates me in my work.
  • I can write beliefs that are my own and that authentically represent who I am as an educator.
  • I can include a focus on student learning in my belief statements.

If you would like to share your thinking with our community or get your questions answered, our Facebook group titled: A Community for Student-Centered Coaching is a good place to reach out!

Here’s how you can join:

  1. Go into Groups on Facebook
  2. In the search bar, enter: A Community for Student-Centered Coaching and request to join.
  3. You’ll answer a few questions and then will receive a notice when you’ve been added.
  4. Post your questions and thoughts there.