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Essential Guide: Digital Resources

We often hear that coaches appreciate having digital copies of the resources that we include in our books. We are offering some of those resources, items from our team, and participants in other cohorts to anyone in this course.

The embedded presentation below allows you to click through the different resources included in the book. In addition to the resources, there may be related items that you find interesting. If you would like to make a copy for personal use, click the blue button “Use Template” in the top right-hand corner. This option is only available for items that are Google products, not PDFs.

A few tips for best success:

1- Use Google Chrome

2- Make sure you are logged into the Google account you want to use with these coaching tools

3- Click on ‘Use Template‘ when you want to make a copy

4- Save and use in a way that supports your coaching!

In order to view the presentation in a different window, please click here.