Post: Coaching Journal Entry

Respond to the Session 6 prompt in your coaching journal.

If you would like to share your thinking with our community or get your questions answered, our Facebook group titled: A Community for Student-Centered Coaching is a good place to reach out!

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Session 6: This session included a variety of examples of launching tools and artifacts. Now is the time to begin sketching out how you might approach your own launch. This is only the preliminary planning phase and you'll have time to finalize your plan at the end of the course.

Success Criteria for this Journal Entry:

  • I can keep the u2018whyu2019 at the center of my launching plan.
  • I can also include the u2018howu2019 such as what cycles will look like, how they will be scheduled, etc.
  • I can work collaboratively with my principal or school leader when planning the launch.
  • I can directly share my beliefs as a way to authentically engage teachers and build trust.