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Post: Coaching Journal Entry

Respond to the Session 7 prompt in your coaching journal. If you would like to share your thinking with our community or get your questions answered, our Facebook group titled: A Community for Student-Centered Coaching is a good place to reach out! Here’s how you can join:

  • Go into Groups on Facebook

  • In the search bar, enter: A Community for Student-Centered Coaching and request to join.

  • You’ll answer a few questions and then will receive a notice when you’ve been added.

  • Post your questions and thoughts there.

Session 7: Choose one domain on the Rubric for Student-Centered Coaching (pages 153-157) as an area of focus. After reading the success criteria for that area, craft a goal for your professional learning. Then, identify some actionable steps you can take to build your knowledge and push yourself towards this goal.

Success Criteria for this Journal Entry:

  • I can choose a domain and share why I chose it.
  • I can craft a goal that sits within the domain.
  • I can share specific steps that I will take to develop in this area.